Sunday, October 17, 2010

Airpower comes to Lebanon

It appears there is a new arms race occurring here in the world of Lebanon 1982. Mark has displayed (in his usually awesome manner) an Israeli Cobra. Link to Daddy's Little Men

While the PLO's wish for air power is limited to Katyusha rockets, the Syrians are quickly (for the Syrians) working on their
AĆ©rospatiale SA.342 Gazelle. This kit provided by my favorite arms dealer (Mark) is primed with two rocket pods. My only source for colors is coming from It appears they are using the colors of a captured helicopter in an Israeli museum.

I plan on using a darker green similar to the green used on the Syrian MIG 21s. My assumption is the green on the Gazelle is a faded color.

The Syrians are also waiting on the arrival of a Su-17 from QRF. While I read in a report from the 7th Brigade that they were attacked by a Su-7, I found reports that Su-17s were used. These reports and the fact that no one makes the Su-7 in 15mm or 1/100 scale lead me to buying the Su-17. 


  1. what you need is more MI-24s. Sure it appears they weren't used, but how can you refuse!?!

  2. It appears that they were also not liked by the Syrians as well.