Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newest Syrian Acquisition

Due to the good graces of my compadre, Mark Kinsey, my Syrians now have an AĆ©rospatiale SA.342 Gazelle added to their order of battle. I think this is mostly due to the number of new helicopters of his that I have shot down the first time they were brought out on the table.

I was interested in the Gazelle after reading the following article on the Syrian during the Lebanese conflict. I was also interested in that the Syrians preferred the Gazelle over the scaled down Hind.

Syrian Tank-Hunters in Lebanon, 1982
By Tom Cooper & Yaser al-Abed
Sep 26, 2003

I will be basing my model on the image above that appears vintage.

I will base the changes on the model on this Gazelle in an Israeli museum.

Now how do I use it and not get it shot down? I am sure Mark will help.

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