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When I started this project I was planning on doing more than just painting up a few miniatures and fighting out a couple of urban battles. I have always been interested in the Arab Israeli Wars, as my personal library shows. Why would a good Catholic school boy be interested in a conflict between differing religions. I don't know. Could be watching the conflict happen during Saturday morning cartoons back in the 1970s. I do remember buying the first few issues of Born in Battle Magazine (oh how I wish I still had those). Fast forward five years and I in the Mediterranean Sea during the latter parts of the Lebanon conflict. 

After my military service I worked on both a degree in History and a library on the Middle East. Most of my books were on the 1948 and 1973 conflicts. Only recently at the urging of Mark Kinsey did I look at Lebanon. What you will see with this bibliography is the best I can currently find on Lebanon from the invasion to the siege of Beirut. Most of the works are general as there is a lack of company/battalion histories for the IDF. While I understand the reasons and still does not make it any less frustrating. Online works are also limited for the IDF. The Lebanese militias and the PLO are easier to find online but as a historian I take what they say with a big bag of salt. 

The Lebanon specific books are written shortly after the conflict. This causes them to not have the benifiet of reflection or time seperation. Alas nothing has been written recently, at least not in English. Another reason why I need to learn Hebrew.

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