Friday, September 3, 2010

First Battle - Playtest Part II

...things appeared to be going extremely well for the IDF. The PLO fired at the column with both their re-coiless rifle and their RPGs to little effect. Just as the Magach was clearing the center of town it took a RPG hit that injured the drive and stopped the tank.

A group of the PLO felt it was safe to approach the tank very slowly (rolled a two on two dice). It took two turns to get into a firing positing.  This first shot at the rear of the tank missed, as did many other shots on this tank.

Our brave fighter approaching the tank.

IDF soldiers disembarked from a M113 to help protect the tank as a new driver took his place in the tank. There was also concern about the PLO troops, with their Big Man, on the third floor of the building next to the tank.

Very lonely IDF troops.

After shots from three sides with RPGs the Magach finally took a shot to the rear that destroyed the tank and killed the crew. A M113 came in to rescue the four soldiers.

While the Israelis were able to get their senior leadership, a Lieutenant Colonel, off the board with one of the M113s, the loss of the Magach and four crew was devastating. Losses on the PLO side was limited to two soldiers.

I know Mark and I look forward to running this game again in the next couple of weeks. The major buildings and roads were Marks. Troops were painted by Mark and myself.

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