Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Battle - Playtest Part I

We had our first playtest last night running through the rules for TWT and Rock the Casbah. Results were mixed. A platoon of M113s and a Magach (that looks a lot like a Shot) advanced through the outskirts of Tyre. A group of PLO militia were set up to block them from the buildings along the road.

Aerial view of the battlefield.

No sign of any militia.

A quiet town in the south of Lebanon.

A not so quiet town. IDF advancing through the town.

The IDF had no trouble moving their column through the town. Up until this point the PLO's RPGs were just spit-balls against the TOGA armour of the M113 and the Magach. One one of 12 RPGs hit and that only wounded a couple men on a M113. The IDF was able to kill two PLO members, one of which had an RPG.
Than things went wrong...


  1. What buildings are these? They look good.

  2. Thank you. The large builds were from FieldWorks.

    They were painted by my partner in crime Mark Kinsey.

  3. What are you using as a terrain mat, it looks good, blends in well with the your v good terrain?