Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lebanon 1982 at the Movies

To me (and I hope to you) it is interesting that movies are now coming out about this conflict, written and directed by members of the IDF that were part of the conflict. If there are similar films made from the Syrian/Lebanese?PLO perspective I have not found them…yet.

Than this evening I heard a review of the movie Lebanon on NPR. I have been waiting for this to come to my local art house. This 2009 film is not the only film about the Israeli invasion. There is Waltz with Bashir. This animation gives a good feel for the conflict from the invasion through the attacks on the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Beaufort deals with the Israeli pullout from this strategic location, but gives a good feel for the terrain of the area. Modern Warfare is a documentary with great images of the conflict.

These films are available through Netflix and keep a eye out for Lebanon. It looks like a must see.

Waltz with Bashir



Modern Warfare: Falklands, Lebanon

From the film Lebanon


  1. I thought waltz with bashir was very good have not seen the others. Keep up the great work on the blog. Any chance of some pictures of PLO and malitia?

  2. There were a few (ok long shots) in the play test. I will give more time to the Syrians, PLO and militias.

  3. Thanks actually saw Beufort yesterday via netflix thanks to your blog. Very good movie. I actually know a few people that were part of the invasion in 82, and a few others there in the iterm period like the movie most have very mixed feelings about it and really do not like to talk about the experience much. A very different situation then the few people I know that were in 67, 73 wars.

    Keep up the good work on the blog.

  4. lekw - Thank you for your comments. I completely understand how they feel as I had NCOs in my command that went through Vietnam and were not keen on giving out the stories.


  5. Yea never been in these types of situations but can understand. Thanks again for the movie link and keep up the great work on the blog.