Thursday, March 2, 2017

What a Tanker

This latest game from TOOFATLardies is in development and I look forward to its release. It has me thinking what a great game for all of the one off vehicles we have on the back shelf. You know the ones, the vehicle you had to have but never had the right game to bring it out.

While it would be possible to play this game with a Sherman a Panzer IV or a Stug that may be too vanilla. There is also Panthers, Tigers and the Russian standard, T34/85.

After that it gets weird.

Do you have an Elefant, why not use it? How about a Maus, inquiring minds do want to know.

Is that a Brummbar on the shelf? Lets get that on the table.

I also have an IS-2 or could it be JS-II (if I go retro), a King Tiger, and an ISU-152 to dust off. I am so looking forward to getting these rules. They look to be well thought out and a great way to have little used armour on the table.

Thank you Rich and Company.

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