Sunday, March 19, 2017

The September War

It does not matter to me if we are talking about the Battle for Warsaw 1939, Poles crashing back with the Soviets on the Eastern Front or those that flew with the 303 Squadron over Britain, the Polish armed forces are a great interest to me in my studies and gaming. These are stories over men fighting for their country and honor. A Poland many would never see again.

It was a great surprise when I received the email from Mr Avery that the first of two supplements would be coming out the next day covering the German/Soviet Invasion of Poland. Well I was reading this the next day over breakfast and I thought through the purchase carefully and immediately payed the sum of $12 for The September War this 240 page reference material. It covers in detail the history, Big Men  stories and so many scenarios with several for my beloved Black Brigade.

Rules are for IABSM but this will be useful for any company level game (not sure why anyone plays with anything else :-) or even Chain of Command. While I have only read through half of the scenarios these would be interesting to play as designer or for any of the early war powers as many of the weapons were similar.

My only problem is I need to buy more Poles and Germans figures. No problem there, I see an order to Peter Pig and Forged in Battle in my future.  Lucky for me I recently purchased a few TK and TKS and an odd armoured car. The painting table will be getting a bit more crowded. After Action Reports soon to show up.

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