Saturday, February 11, 2017

Home Guard Platoon

After way to long, I have finished off this platoon, being a project almost three years in the making based on other blog posts and receipts I have found in my books dealing with Operation Sea Lion.

For some background, when I started I was looking at Mick Yarrow's 15mm line. They looked good against some of the Flames of War figures I was contemplating and I purchased a platoon. Does anyone know why Flames of War never got around to designing a Home Guard line of miniatures? As I worked on these healthy looking figures,  I found that I really wanted to stay with Peter Pig so that I why I have a company with two platoons, one of big healthy farmers and a second of towns folks of slightly svelter proportions. These will be used with either IABSM or Chain of Command.

So without any further delay here is my latest platoon.

HQ Team

First Section

Second Section

Third Section

Two additional patrols or a single section with two many Officers and NCOs