Thursday, February 9, 2017

Carrier Battles

Carriers Force by SSI was one of my first and a game I still have found memories of from my early days on a computer. At the time a C64. It was a glorified text based game covering the battles in the Solomon Islands and the always needed Battle for Midway. It had great replay value and was also editable so I could up the Japanese coming at me. AI was OK for the time so playing was always fun with creating what-ifs.

Fast forward 30 years and it is surprising how few good or even fair carrier wargames were out there. While some of this may be my personal nostalgia, I have had a problem matching the feeling I had playing that on my C64. But recently I found Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal. It is for my iPad and I am pleased with the UI and has been a joy to play. It is for a one player and you have to play the Americans but it does have many strengths I am looking for.

Scenario list is broad and it appears they will offer more with in app purchases. You can also buy what-if options for $.99 which is fun.

Command moral has the Japanese pulling back instead of fighting to the bitter end. Not that we as players ever do that.

The company forum allows for input and notices of updates so they are in tune with their customers.

Now the down sides;

Games last only three days so you have little time for finesse on the initial set up.

Ship to ship combat is brutal, the Japanese always seem to get a chance to fire their Long Lance torpedoes and one hit will sink DD and CL and on occasion a carrier.

Ships all appear to fire at the same range so a BB against a flotilla of DDs will all get shots off on one another. We need a bit more granularity based on speed of the ships and ranges on the guns.

Over all I give it an 8 on a scale of 10, getting there but not yet my Carriers Force on the C64.

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  1. While I did not have this game, I remember the SSI games and my C64 very well! Still have a small pile of SSI games and C64. I really enjoyed the ACW battle games the best.

  2. SSI made some well thought out games.