Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Bests (IMHO) for 2016

As 2017 is a month old, I have had time to reflect on 2016 as a gaming year. While I know I did not play or paint as much as I would have wanted, I did accomplish some painting and gaming and met great gaming partners. This happens to include both face-to-face players and others on Social Media. The US President is not the only one to enjoy Twitter. Social Media in particular and the Internet in general have done a great deal to add new life into our hobby. So I want to give recognition to those that made 2016 a good gaming year for me, so in no particular order...

Guy playing What a Tanker!
For Best Friend of the Hobby, no gamer or reader could find any better friend of the hobby than Guy Bowers. I have never met Guy, but have corresponded through emails, Social Media and blogs dealing with historical sources and Wargames Soldiers & Strategy, the magazine he is editor of. He is always quick with a response to inquiries and always a kind word. He is the top of any list of agents that have assisted me to spend more money than I expected on books, rules or miniatures. I guess I could just blames WSS. :-)

Wargames Soliders & Strategy is not a house publication so Guy and his team works hard in gathering material from all time periods and rule sets. I can always find something of interest in every issue.

Best New Podcast was tough as he have had a couple enter the market but Jay Arnold hit the ground running with  The Veteran Wargamer. In the four months since he has started Jay has produced nine episode covering game design, etiquette, fantasy, gaming style as well as a year in review. He is also helpful in asking for and responding to feedback. An asset to our gaming community and a pleasure to listen to.

The next two are related, first Best New (for me) Company. I met Craig and Gaming Models through a fellow blogger Chris Stoesen when I was looking for an unusual early early war German armoured car, the Kfz. 13 The Bathtub. While Craig did not have one he put it on his list of vehicles to design and I now have two new models added to my 1939 German forces. 

Gaming Models continues to add to there resin line that includes AFVs, soft-skins, gliders, terrain and artillery. Craig has even added to the line with steam-punk vehicles. He listens to gamers and will work with you to create the best gaming experience.

As I said the last two were related, my fourth is Best New Model. This year it was the M-51 IDF Sherman conversion with the French 105 from Gaming Models. Craig's model was good in detail and the only thing it was lacking was heft, it is resin after all. But what made it special to me is it got me interested again in the IDF and actions in 1973 and 1982. We will be seeing the M-51 on the Golan soon.

So I end by saying 2016 was a good year and I am looking forward to making 2017 even better. 

Thank you.

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