Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello 2017

Well, we are a little less than two weeks in I am off and running. I have painted up three tanks (more on this latter and four 28mm Pulp Figures. But what is truly impressive, or ambitious, or maybe stupid is what is on my painting bench.

Dozens of AeroNefs, two platoons of 15mm infantry, British 1944 infantry and 1940 Home Guard (120 figures), and a dozen plus tanks. Yes I may have taken a big bite.

The British infantry are from PSC and I am very pleased with these hard plastic figures. The Home Guard are Peter Pig, also very good. The tanks are from Gaming Models and look great as always. I even have an American half-track for my movie Germans.  All of this kit will be used with TOOFATLardies Chain of Command.
The AeroNefs are from Brigade Models and will be used with my Imperial Skies rules. What I am waiting on here is to place an order with CoreSec Engineering for all of the basing bits for the airships.

I am not certain who wrote about his New Year's being to do 365 hours of painting in 2017 but I like it and I am following it. So far I have about five hours in, not to bad. Oh and I am also building up my village so 2017 will be busy.


  1. You are off to a good start, Jon. An hour painting per day will yield big dividends by year end. Will you be logging your painting time? I never thought of doing that. Might make the whole exercise seem like work.

    1. Yes I will be charting my time, right now it is in a board in my shop, but it will get on to the blog. This includes painting and prep only, research and reading is not part of this number.