Saturday, September 10, 2016

Maryland Campaign - First Week

Well I have ended the first week of the GCACW Maryland Campaign and there is good news and bad news for both sides. But before I start with that I need to bring everyone following up to speed. This is an alt-history campaign where the major players have orders and a mission. The rules are from the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War using Stonewall Jackson’s Way and Here Come the Rebels! As well are two magazines and two other rule sets to keep with canon. To me this is what Balkoski and Beach wanted their players to do.

So for the report, the Confederates were to engage the Army of Virginia and allow General Jackson to head north and destroy the rail stations and he did with great effectiveness including destroying the depot at Manassas Station. Jackson was even able to get with 12 miles of the Capital when things started to go wrong.

While the Confederates under General Longstreet were able to destroy one of General Reno’s division a game of cat and mouse occurred as General Lee fought for three days near Rappahannock Station followed by a second battle near the Rappahannock River.

Current Lee is surrounded north of the river waiting on the start of the next turn. General Stuart also had a bad week being cut off for Confederate forces and having to flea the battlefield lossing at the Battle of Amissyville. Boys in the northeast all want to be with General Bayard the man that beat JEB Stuart, 

Over all General Pope is doing ok, but needs to watch his casualties. General Halleck has recalled General Heintzelman and his corps to protect Washington. A lot will depend on who wins the first imitative and on the weather. Rain right now would be bad for Robert E Lee.

At the end of the first week with the tired forces under Lee and Longstreet.


  1. Very interesting start to the campaign. As always seems to be case, seizing initiative is of most import.

    I have often considered undertaking a similar venture using Clash of Arms' Campaigns of R.E. Lee. My thought was to create encounters to be resolved on the tabletop. You are several steps ahead of me and my ambitions.

    1. About 15 years ago, boy that is a long time, did the same for Gettysburg. This is more manageable. Well it is so far. Hoping Longstreet does make it to the other side of the river.