Sunday, September 18, 2016

30th of August 1862

The rain came down heavy on 30th of August 1862 There was quite the commotion at the docks as the last major arrival of transports came up from the Peninsula bringing with them the rest of the Army of the Potomac. Amongst the commotion at the docks, two enclosed carriages arrived. Around each of these carriages could be found two smartly dressed soldiers and a staff officer. Quickly, an officer entered each of the carriages and they swiftly left the docks for the White House…

General Burnside sat in the President Lincoln’s office and listened in amazement…

“General”, the President said, “I am appointing you to a new command, Commander - Army of the Potomac in Defense of the District. It is a long name but it will work until we come up with something else. Your job is to train and reorganize the army quickly as I fear the General Pope with all of his success will need better-organized troops quickly. We here in Washington also need a better defense. You did a great job here doing that before Bull Run and I need you to do that now. This is not a request General. Please set up your offices in Lafayette Park, as I want you close. “

The General sat there in silence. But as he looked at the President he saw a smile followed by a nod. “But Mr. President, what of General McClellan?”

“Well General, we will find something for him to do, rest assure. Any questions?


“Good day General.”

President Lincoln thought, now the tougher interview…

The first two weeks of the campaign have gone well for General Pope, Lee separated his forces and Pope dealt harshly first with Longstreet and now with Jackson. Even General Stuart had a second set back in so many weeks.

While losses were heavy on both sides General Longstreet had receive reinforcements from Richmond and his forces were close to their initial strength. Only the rain was slowing his advance to the engagement with the Army of Virginia.

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