Thursday, September 22, 2016

Space 1889 - Ground Rules

For me the Space 1889 world is one of great fascination. The thought of using stepped up Victorian technology to reach the stars is on of teams. Now while I prefer that universe I also admire the miniatures from Brigade Models and will  be using them in my gaming on Mars, as well as Earth and Venus. So before starting out wanted to offer a few ground rules on how I am setting out my campaign on Mars.

Here are the ground rules for the period aerial navies.

While I like the look of the dreadnoughts and battlecruisers they are for a future navy, maybe a 1906-ish navy. Battleships (i.e. pre-dreadnoughts) count  as one sixth of historical pre-dreadnoughts lists, cruisers one eight and destroyers and patrol vessels a tenth. This will make cruisers and patrol vessels the most prevalent.

On Mars cruisers are a rarity, mostly used used a flagships or by the local governor. On Venus the only difference is the aerial vessels are hydrogen filled airships. Monitor and their escorts have the greatest value in controlling the Martian populations. Cruisers are of most value against other European navies. Aeroplanes have not yet been invented yet, so once again maybe a possible addition for a 1906-ish fleet.

British Fleet
Two Colonial Cruisers
Three Monitors
Eight Patrol Vessels

French Fleet
Two Raiders
One Monitor
Six Patrol Vessels

Russian Fleet
Currently Uncertain

German Fleet
One Dig Destroyer
Four Patrol Vessels
Three Merchant Cruisers

One Colonial Cruiser on rotation

Venusian Fleets will be forth coming.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I like your idea on the fleet rations. Small ships existed for a reason in the real world.