Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sarajevo - The Riots 28-29 June

Riots soon started first in Sarajevo on the 28th and latter spreading throughout the empire wherever Serb nationals could be found. While loss of life was minimal damage was extensive to Serbian businesses, schools and cultural centers.

Riots continued the next day with the Croats and Muslims joining with the general population of the anti-Serbian rioters.

It is hard to see their being so much support amongst the people for the Archduke or if the other minorities did not want to appear to be seen supporting the Serbs. Looting and destruction was allowed for the first two days. The riots ended with Governor Potiorek declaring a state of siege in Sarajevo and marshal law in the province.  The removal of the body of the Archduke that evening also aided in reducing the strife on the streets of Sarajevo.

This was a reactionary riot led by the Catholic Church under Archbishop Štadler and the government under Governor Potiorek. Rioters were directed and the police and army stood back for two days.

While the proof for the blame of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was limited both than and now the path was clear for Austria to lay the blame on Serbia.

By the end of the 29th, the Austria-Hungary Secretary of the Legation at Belgrade sent a dispatch to Vienna suggesting Serbian complicity in the crime of Sarajevo.

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