Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MY Miniatures

I have had the pleasure of finding two gems in the gaming world. The first was about two months ago called War Times Journal. It is a great source for information and miniatures. While the site is very much a work in progress (aren’t they all) they are producing awesome 3D printed ships that help fill out existing lines. I have added heavily to my pre-dreadnoughts and Spanish American War fleets. The Battle of Manila Bay and the fight in the Baltic during WW I is do able, and the ships look great.

The other is Mick Yarrow Miniatures, or MY Miniatures. Mick has a number of interesting lines including 15mm Ice Age to 15mm WWII figures. For me the 1/2000 and 1/3000 scale ships have helped fill out (and start) a couple of projects.  The 1/2000-scale ships are useful for WWI battles such as raids and destroyer actions. I will be using the 1/3000 to fill out missing ships from my existing 1/2400 lines. As long as the escort ships are also 1/3000 the table looks good.

Now I found this site through TMP but none of my naval gaming friends were aware of it and they are please with these new additions. So I think of this as a new find, at least for my club. I can see battles being designed using 1920s War Plan Red, Yellow or Blue. Think War of 1812 with 1920s technology.

As a company I am please with Mick and MY Miniatures. His customer service is stellar. He returned all emails in 24 hours or less and once the order was placed I had the figures within the week and that was from East Yorkshire, England. If I was to fault anything is his site. It is a work in progress. But I would love for him to have pricing on the site. Not a big deal.

All in all a great find. I hope to share this with gamers and modelers that are interested in naval warfare. Let me know what you think.

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