Thursday, June 12, 2014

HMS Polyphemus

The HMS Polyphemus a Royal Navy torpedo ram, serving from 1881 until 1903. A perfect addition for any Space 1889 or Victorian Science Fiction fleet. Shallow-draft, fast, low profile vessel, she was designed to penetrate enemy harbors at speed and sink anchored ships with both the ram and torpedoes.

With 6 Nordenfelt guns and five 14” torpedo tubes, this is a vessel that was dangerous to any fleet caught unaware. The guns to be used on patrol craft and the torpedoes against capital ships.

At almost 18 knots she was fast for the period, almost as fast as the torpedoes she carried.

There were issues, as her main forward torpedo tube was in the ram bow and it was difficult to open the bow cap. As shown in the picture, she also varied a forward set of rudders for operating in reverse.

She was not copied. Shortly after her joining the fleet, quick firing guns shortened the life of torpedo craft like the HMS Polyphemus. She was to be superseded by both Torpedo Boats and Destroyers.

Got to love those Victorians.

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