Monday, June 2, 2014

Mesopotamian Campaign 1914

What is up next, as it is 2014 I think it is time to start the Mesopotamian Campaign. I have four plus years to get the British Empire forces in miniature from Shatt-al-Arab to, I don’t know, Anatolia, or the Russian forces. I will settle for Baghdad.

For 2014 the games will be:
  • HM ships "Espiegle" and "Dalhousie" entered the Shatt-al-Arab and moved to Muhammerah (29 September 1914)
  • British offensive began with the naval force bombarding the old fort at Fao (6 November 1914)
  • The capture of Basra (21 November 1914)
  • The capture of Qurna (3 - 19 December 1914)
I see three possible games and a handful of raids. Rules will be If the Lord Spares Us and Through the Mud and the Blood with the possible addition of some aerial combat using Algernon.

And all I need is a fort, or at least a picture of the Fao Fort.

Stay tuned.

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