Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update Part II

We the troops are ready. I have a few IDF (95 painted with 16 waiting to be primed). They can be used a South Lebanon Army as well. Patch is to the right. Of the 16 troops waiting to be primed eight are command that I need to complete the platoon.

I also have a Syrian commando unit painted up. All I need now is a few vehicals for the Syrians to go after.

Below is my work bench. To the right is my VBCW 28mm figures that have taken a back seat to my Lebanon 1982 project. I may have some time to paint them up as I am waiting on the M113 and the Merkavas and Shots.

The Work Bench

The troop waiting for orders and a Nagma-Shot waiting to be primed.

A close up of based IDF troops.

I hope over the next two weeks to get in a couple of games of Rock the Casbah. I am sure Mark and I can cause a little destruction. I am also playing around with a linked campaign system and 3mm troops by PicoArmor for the Bekaa Valley.

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