Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lebanese Militias

While researching the BTR40 (one of my favorite vehicles) I came upon a note that the PLO transferred at least one to the Movement of Independent Nasserists or al-Murabitoun. This West Beirut based Lebanese military and political movement is an excellent example of what is available for gamers playing in Lebanon in the 1980s. Their 3,000 uniformed militiamen were one of the more professional looking forces in Lebanon, even including branches of Armor, Infantry and Artillery with support elements.

In 1982 they had at least two Staghounds, and a BTR40. It is not inconceivable that they also had access to T34/85s and BTR152s. Early artillery included jeep-mounted recoilless rifles and gun-trucks fitted with AA autocannons. With the pull out of the PLO the al-Murabitoun acquired large amounts of material including APCs, tanks and artillery.

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