Monday, August 2, 2010

IDF Figures Part 2

First attempt at painting 15mm Peter Pig IDF figures. Primed it black and than dry brushed either Yellow Olive or Olive Grey. (the two groups were mixed up) Than dry brushed medium grey and painted helmets the same. Skin tone was with Medium Fleshtone. Boots Thamar Black (only non-Vallejo paint) Guns with Gunmetal Grey and equipment drybrush Deck Tan.

Completed are 8 with M16s, 7 with AKs and 1 with a Galil

Started a new nine today. These include a sniper and two radios.


  1. What are you basing them on?

  2. For right now metal washers, but I just received a batch of Litko 15mm bases to try out.