Thursday, August 26, 2010

People's Front of Judea

I see from Mark's blog that the IDF cowers at the military might of the PFJ. Which reminds me, there is a bit of errata need to the Rock the Casbah supplement.

On page 17 under the PLO factions/militias the following needs to be added (at least for this project).
People's Front of Judea - A radical anti-Western (Roman) group that is small (offically I believe five members) and appears to be against (hates) everybody in the PLO movement. Reference

The PFJ has one force trained and ready to do combat with a second force in training.

All one needs to do is look at our firepower to understand that the IDF is no threat to the PFJ.

A barely used BTR40, a gift from the Syrians.

A brand new (ok it has oil) BTR152 from our friends in the Soviet Union.


  1. As tempting as that might be.... no.


  2. But you know Chris someone will have to jump on it.

  3. :) Of that I would not bet against you.