Monday, December 26, 2016

Secret Santa,

Santa did come to town...
    and I must have been really good.

Well done Chris in running the Secret Santa program. I received from Santa some serious support for my 1939 Poles. This will also move Poland up to the front of the queue as my current Poles are painted as the infantry for the 10th Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized), so I need to paint up regular infantry and National Guard troops. But first I need to order some.

These support options give me BARs, machine guns, motors and the UR Wz.35 anti-tank rifles. This was an over the top present. Thank you Santa and thank you Chris.


  1. Good for you Jon, merry Christmas!

  2. Those are wonderful gifts and useful additions to your project.
    Well done to your benefactor!

  3. I could not of asked for a better gift.looking at Forged in Battle for the infantry to supporting ft them.

  4. Nice looking minis and bases, well done!