Sunday, December 18, 2016

Building Me a Village

Your average wargamer will have many projects that he or she is working on. Some will be at the front of the queue such as a new army for a new period, while others are further back such as researching a new period or front. Not normally number one on most lists, this year I will be moving terrain to the top of my project lists after an interesting conversation that went something like this...

An English Village or one in Normandy
"Nice farm"

          'Thank you'

"Do you play a lot in Normandy?"

               'Why yes, Normandy and England'

"So you can do an entire village"

                    (After a pregnant pause)
                                            ...'Well I don't know'

So lets find out.

A Better View of the Church.
Most of my battles are conducted in 15mm on a 6 by 4 table. Here we see the layout of a possible English village with cobble stone roads (no dirt paths here); with all the houses on display. There are few trees or fields as I wanted to give the best possible view of what I need to add to my collection.

I did leave room for the church yard as it is important for my paras to have a place to fight/play over. I see I am lacking in additional commercial businesses and residential housing. Have to keep my people happy.

I see my needs include:
    • Trees - Lots of Them
    • Bridge
    • Town Center/Memorial
    • One or Two Businesses, maybe more
    • Three or Four Houses, also maybe more
    • Rail Road Station - I have the Track
    • Manor Hall
I expect to work through the list  during 2017 based mainly on any upcoming sales. This will give me a village suitable for an Agatha Christie or Dorothy L. Sayers adventure. Will even have a Lord's estate with the necessary out buildings. An estate to be used as a defensive structure to hold back German invaders for Sealion or ruffians and the lower orders for a Very British Civil War.

I am  certain this village will be growing. Population spurt I guess caused by all those boys in there spiffy uniforms turning a lady's head. :-)