Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Panzer Is and Jagdpanthers

We gamers today are very lucky, we have ample supplies of quality figures for any scale and period (yes. I know someone out there is looking for a 15mm version of the Independent, but really now). The Internet and print on demand has given access to a wide assortment of technical knowledge on, well everything. But I save the best for last, the Internet has connected gamers 50 miles away or 4,000 miles away. This world allows gamers to ask any question of experts often getting an answer in under an hour. Recently I asked Guy Bowers a question and he responded quickly and the author of the piece responded to Guy's querie in 16 minutes. Amazing.

If you have a question this community will help. So when I was interested in a new period back in 2006ish, I was introduced to TOOFATLardies and Richard Clarke. A great resource and friend to all. He in-turn connected me with Guy Bowers, editor of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy (see above). And what a publication it is.

If you are interested in miniatures or gaming, you need to get a copy. What to improve you painting, well here in the US you can find it on the shelves of Barnes & Nobel. Looking for original writing on WWII, Ancients, American Civil War or fantasy, well you need a subscription. And it is the holiday season, so treat yourself. :-)

In the last two issues there was not only original writing on the battles in Holland other than Operation Market Garden. Piers Brand wrote about battles that allows the gamer to put on the table Panzer Is and Renault 35s along side Shermans and Jagdpanthers. His historical research is first rate and reinforces the idea is you can take a battle like Caen or Arnhem and never run out of engagements. Add in the German use of training equipment and kampfgruppen and well there will always be something interesting on the table. Right now I have three Renaults on the painting bench. They will be painted in three different paint schemes, German grey, yellow and forest green.

So does this have you thinking about picking up an issue. Good, as WSS is the best magazine on the market, and I have purchased a lot of them. 


  1. Agree Jon, it's a great magazine and of the three I get on a regular basis it's definitely the one I read (rather than skim) through. I really enjoy the regular columns is there. Great stuff.

    1. Thank you Ken, were you also taken with Brand's recent WWII pieces? Love those like title tanks.

      What are the other two magazines you get? I had a WI subscription but I was doing very little reading. Was mostly for the pictures.

  2. I do enjoy the magazine especially if it's the period your doing at the time or thinking of!

  3. The only one I subscribe too nowadays.

  4. While I can never find WSS at a local Barnes & Noble, I do pick up the occasional issue in PDF.