Thursday, May 19, 2016

Soviet Naval What If

In reading in one of my Cold War histories I found an interesting tidbit, although I cannot find the source now, oh bother. That  is Stalin was concerned that he was to need a ocean going fleet to fight a war with the United States between 1955 and 1960. This was not to happen as Stalin was to die in 1953.

It is relatively easy to keep him alive until the early 1960s. In doing further further reading (see below) it is possible with a few points of departure (POD) to come up with a plausible naval time line with a war occurring in the late 1950s. 

My personal library is rather extensive, consider it a profession liability, when dealing with the Cold War and the Soviet Navy. Here are a few.
  • Russian Submarines in the Artic by I Kolyshkin
  • Stalin's Ocean-Going Fleet by Jurgen Rohwer and Mikhail S. Monakov
  • Submarines of the Russian and Soviet Navies, 1718-1990 by Norman Polmar and Jurrien Noot
  • Cold War Submarines: The Design and Construction of U.S. and Soviet Submarines, 1945-2001 by Norman Polmar
  • Assorted Jane's Fighting Ships and Conways 
  • Polmar's Guides to the Soviet Navy 
So I may have a new project, new a few miniatures and a suitable rule set and I should be off. 


  1. There's a useful selection of books there!

    Oddly I was thinking of posting on the Soviet Navy as today's Daily Telegraph is carrying the obit of Michael MccGwire -

    1. Thank you, those are my ready books for the Cold War period. I have a couple of banker boxes in the closet for those I do not use regularly.

      It is a great loss that Commander MccGwire is gone. I have a couple of his books and I am certain I have read his articles.

  2. Sverdlovs, Stalingrads, and aircraft carriers? Should be fun.

    Presuming that the US is reacting to the increase in size of the Soviet navy (and probably the British would be as well), there are quite a few paper and canceled projects that would have made it to production in this alternative history. (SeaMaster, USS United States, other canceled projects or conversions from WWII ships)

    if you need for there to be a reason for the Soviet buildup (aside from Stalin wanting it), you could posit that some Japanese islands are given over to the Soviet Union post war, or that Italy is partitioned.

    1. An Italian partition is interesting as it could contain the conflict to the Med.