Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Evening on the USS Olympia

On June 30th I had a great time doing a Games Day on the USS Olympia and a sleep over. I am grateful that my wife gave the green light on this as it was both our anniversary and her birthday. She is a wonderful wife and a great friend.

Now this Games Day is important as it is done one the weekend closest to the anniversary of the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1st 1898. For those unaware this was the first battle in a war that propelled America to the world stage. Sort of important.

On this Games Day we were given a tour of the engineering spaces and that was a treat. I got a chance to climb into the coal bunkers and into the bilges. Not for the faint of heart. So these are the pictures of the USS Olympia and USS Becuna here in Philadelphia.

USS Becuna SS319

A TDU outside of Control

And back to the Olympia

Bow torpedo tube

And a few pictures of the Games Day

The Engineering Tour

Original Sound Powered Phones

Inside a coal bunker


And plaques for those "Still on Patrol"


  1. Quite a stately vessel. Appreciate the photos very much!

  2. Some great shots of the ship. Thanks Jon.