Thursday, November 12, 2015

VBCW at Sea

As an American with only a single visit to Great Britain I should but be as energized as I am when it comes to a Very British Civil War gaming experience in general or the fact that I created a Cornish force in particular. I have been from the very beginning.

It has been my pleasure to contribute to the period writing on as diverse subjects as the Cornish navy, VBCW in British Honduras and a VBCW romp in the BVIs. No matter what I read and write for this period I keep coming back to Cornwall, one of the many places where Agatha Christies' Poirot was active.

I read today that PTDockYard is releasing a set of rules to cover a hypothetical US-Canada war on the Great Lakes.  These rules will allow for coastal battles in the shallow waters of the lakes using torpedeo baots, coasters and drifters.. They will also allow in my opinion to conduct the naval battles along the English Channel and Irish Sea. Battles that are important to keeping open the supply lines for food and weapons to the different factions. The ships look good and for me they will be augmented by additional ships and boats in the PTDockYard line and from Shapeways. I now wait for their release this month.

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