Sunday, November 29, 2015

100 Years War

It started with an idea on Facebook. What is the club was to do battles from the 100 Years War using 10mm figures. OK, it is a period I know little about, I think Joan of Arc has something to do with this as do English long bows. So with the able assistance from Tony and Keith I was off.

After looking over the the Magister Militum website, I had six packs for a Company of 12 stands.

Once the order arrived I had the problem of how to paint them. I didn't think I had any references dealing with the 100 Years War, but a quick look through my old war game magazines I came up with a half a dozen articles. Add in the Internet and I was off.

My initial idea was the Company would be 12 stands with three horsed. Well with inflation I was fast approaching 15-18 stands and I was not using all of the figures.

 Yes they are small...

                            ...but still have a lot of detail

So with the forces based and priming has started I need to think of what type of Captain will be leading this force.

As I want to use a force for both the 100 Years War and the battles in Italy my Captain with be English. (May need a few now armored knights.)

As of tonight I have one stand finished and four others in different states.

I am enjoying the research and the painting and hope the campaigns will be equally enjoyable.

Thank you Tony and Keith for your assistance.


  1. Great to see a new project undertaken and getting paint on some figures.
    Good job!

    1. Thank you Jonathan, glad to get something on the painting bench. Now I just need to get to so playing.

  2. A great period to play, beautiful minis!

    1. Thank you Phil, I am surprised how much occurred in western Europe