Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Look What is in the Mail!

This came in the mail yesterday and it is just in time. The club is looking at doing 100 Years War campaigns and this is a similar and possibly more colorful addition to the period.

My initial force is ordered and should come out at about 12-14 stands. A rather large Free Company. Not sure of the rules but that is not stopping me from moving ahead. (Thank you Tony.)

I will look at doing a full Italian Condottieri force towards the end of this year. Playing the rules and doing some more research will make the final decision easier.

I am a big supported of Guy and WSS and think it one of the best magazines out there for anyone interested in history and/or gaming. This new project may have me looking at subscribing to his medieval magazine.  This is all in the name of research.


  1. Looks like a good issue! I am building an Italian Wars force so this might be a useful issue for me too.

    1. I am finding the period of these Italian Wars to be very interesting. Colorful forces that are small and manageable with grand tactical rules. The larger battle should look great.