Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Magic Number is now 59.14

The magic number is now 59.14. That is the average number of views I need for my blog to get to the magical number 100,000. What happens at 100,000? I do not know. Something will come to me.

While this should not be an issue with my GCACW campaign going on and two Chain of Command projects starting up, I do want to ask each of my current followers to please suggest my blog to those interested in gaming, both board games and miniatures. I also think there will be more board games on this blog as I try to use them as a means to generate battles with miniatures. Also a train friend (from my commute) has me looking at the board game MTB and IDF.

So please let me know what you think. And the picture, it is part of a project I am working on. Plus if you count them there are 100,000 peasants in the background.


  1. Now you are one view less... And when I arrive at work this afternoon, you´ll be two views less!!

  2. Thank you Emilio. Hope you are finding the blog interesting.