Saturday, October 10, 2015

Roads to Gettysburg - 1st July 1863

The first of July 1863 was less successful for the Confederacy in my game than the historical events.  After attempts to pull back General Hood and the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia, Gereral Lee is left with a less than optimal situation.

The force deployments include;
  • Sedgwick north of Frederick containing Stuart and Ewell
  • Hancock and Sedgwick surrounding Hood in the Catoctin Mountains
  • Army of the  Potomac holding the remains of the Army of Northern Virginia

Will General Lee make it back to Virginia?


  1. It looks dire for the ANV. Are you planning on turning any of these into tabletop battles?

  2. Yes, was looking at using this campaign as the basis for the Lardies skirmish rules. General Rhodes troops had a good time laying waste to the Pennsylvania farms.