Saturday, October 17, 2015

Roads to Gettysburg - July 8th

From the Editorial Board at the Philadelphia Republican

July 8th will go down in the history of the Republic as one of the greatest days of Thanksgiving for all of our peoples.  From our great industrial cities like Philadelphia and Washington DC to our farming towns, we have been celebrating the surrender of the confederates at Vicksburg on this past July 4th. Our celebrations were redoubled with the announcement of Robert E Lee surrendering of his forces in and around Sharpsburg on July 8th.

While only one of our three reports have sent the paper word, we know from our man attached with General Reynolds that the confederate line was ruptured on the evening of the 7 th near Sharpsburg.  Losses were considered heavy but the Union troops under Generals Howard and Reynolds was enthusiastic in their success this day.

On the morning of the 8th General Heath attempted to force his way across the Potomac River to breack out of the Union encirclement, but were thrown back by cavalry under General Custer.  Later that day officers from the southern troops came to the Headquarters of General Meade to request terms. Later that  same evening Generals Meade and Lee with their staff meet in Sharpsburg to sign official terms. We await further news.

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