Thursday, October 23, 2014

On to Baghdad - Line Up of Battles

I have worked through the first set of battles for the campaign. They will start with the Landing at Fao and go through taking and holding Qurna (Battle of Eden). For the Indian Army, they need to continue to win. At worst they need to ensure they do not lose.

The reasons are simple. The Royal Navy can offer some protection in covering a defeated Indian force, yet if the loss is significant; there is limited naval transport to remove a defeated army. Without the facilities at Basra the British are looking to retire to one of the Persian Gulf islands, possible without all of their army. Surrender would be devastating and could give strength to anti-British feelings among the Arabs, Indians and Afghans.

For now we will assume that the Indian Army will be victorious against the Ottomans. Why of course they will be. This line up sounds more like a football lineup than a list of battles.

  • Landing at Fao
  • Sanniya – Possible Counter Attack
  • Saihan – Reconnaissance in Force
  • Sahil – Attacking a fortified Objective
  • Basra – Saving the City from Looters
  • Qurna – Securing Basra from the North

Next up, were do the British land. A very good question.

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