Friday, October 17, 2014

New at Baccus 6mm

If you are a gamer you already know about the quality of the miniatures from Baccus. There 6mm Napoleonic and American Civil War are stunning. When in column or battalion squares these packed figures look how we think those battle should appear.

Over the last few months they have been releasing Great War figures for the Western Front starting with 1914 and the battle of maneuver and they are equally brilliant figures. I have been working on building the British and Germans for the Battle of Nery and with their most recent releases this has become very do able.

Baccus most recent releases include divisional packs for Great War Spearhead, as well as offering the rules. While I will continue to tinker with TOOFATLardies If the Lord Spares Us in 6mm I am glad to see such alliances between rule designers and miniature manufactures.

Why? For me (and I am sure other gamers) we end up having bags of un-needed figures while basing up my forces for a rule system. You buy what you need based on the rules. And in a perfect world they will even be sold at a discount.

I do not mind seeing rules designers working with miniature manufactures and it is a win for the hobby. While I do not play Flames of War I am glad to have access to their toys. They have some of the best Japanese tanks out there in 15mm. Flames of War moving into 1917-18 World War I is another win for the hobby.

What are your thoughts, should rules writers work closely with figure manufactures?

One last comment on these recent releases, I do not know how I am going to get to use them, but I need to add the Pioneers to my next order. They are just such great sculps. 

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  1. Baccus figures are, indeed, very nice. I have a large collection of his Punic War ancients before the retooling. Even those look goods on the battlefield. For me, 6mm is perfect for Command & Colors with miniatures.

    Many say that rules sell figures. I have seen it repeatedly in my 40 years in the hobby. Is that a bad thing. Certainly, not! If a set of trendy rules spawn figure production in a range and scale I want, that is great!

    Should figure manufacturers and rules' writers collaborate? Why not? Like you, I don't want to be forced into buying figures pre-packaged to conform to a given set of rules. The mix NEVER seems to work out for me. Again, like you, I end up with surplus figures oozing from my game room.