Tuesday, July 22, 2014

M.Y. Miniatures for The Great War

Thanks to Chal and my friends over at the Army Group York wargame group I was introduced to M.Y. Miniatures. Mick has a large number of miniature lines covering both naval and land gaming. My initial interest was for 1/3000 naval figures to help fill out my Interwar and late WWII collection. And the Naval figures are a good investment for the table top.

While shopping around I also took a look at his 15mm figures for WWI. There are a lot of possibilities here. Mick has most of the powers that fought in The Great War. While his lines are not very deep, I was thinking this was a way to add to my WWI figures from Peter Pig. As Peter Pig are closer to true 15mm and I have a lot invested in this scale I thought I would ask for a sample.

With my next order both the German Jaegers and British Naval Infantry showed up and I was pleased with the figures. In the photograph are my recent additions from M.Y. Miniatures next to Peter Pigs Range 16 Naval Command.

While the figures from M.Y. Miniatures are bulkier than Peter Pig these look good next to each other. These troops, and other from M.Y. Miniatures, will make a great addition to the rest of my 15mm Great War figures. I also am now looking at his 15mm Dark Ages figures for TOOFATLardies Dux Dux Britanniarum. Just a thought.

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