Friday, July 25, 2014

GDW 20+ Years Latter

When you are trying to buy back your youth, it is amazing what you find in the boxes that show ups. And that does not include what you were trying to buy.

I have been involved with miniature gaming and wargaming since the mid 70s so a lot of the games I remember fondly are only available on eBay and the like. Moves and mom had taken their toll on the collection. Recently thanks to Tony and Chal over at Army Group York I have gotten back into modern, or at least Cold War period, naval gaming. This is a fun period that is action packed and if you do it right it can be over quickly. Often I got it wrong and it was also done quickly too. I had the miniatures but needed the rules. I still had a copy of Shipwreck but I was not happy with the submarine rules so I went with my old standby, Harpoon.

For me Harpoon is the rule set by GDW. The more current addition by Clash of Arms was to complicated for me without a computer assist. So I went looking for Harpoon 3 and found a cheap clean copy on eBay. I was pleased with this find. I also took a walk down memory lane when I found this 1992ish GDW catalogue. I remember owning a lot of these games. I think many of the old GDW line would still sell well 20+ years latter. They were well thought out games, for the most part. This was also the period of Dangerous Journeys and Twilight: 2000. Perfect for zombie gamers today. Than again that just might be me.

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