Friday, July 4, 2014

Arado 234

This one threw me, the Arado 234 as a gaming miniature. Flames of War will be releasing this aircraft latter this month. Now a Stuka armed with the 37mm cannons makes sense to me for a tabletop game, although they will spend more time off table than on. The HS 129 is another useful candidate as well, but than they added to the list Me262, FW190 and now my favorite the Arado 234. What were they thinking?

Ok, they were thinking they were going to sell miniature aircraft just like they sell tanks. That is their business model. Now the Me262 and FW190 are great aircraft (every German army needs these) that were used rather successfully in World War II, or at least as successful as you can be considering you are on the losing side of the war.

But the Arado 234, we are taking about a jet recon/bomber. An aircraft that cruises at 435 mph. I do bot get it. How do you use this aircraft in any miniatures engagement? While I know it was used against the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen and Remagen is currently big on the Flames of War product line it does not make sense.  This is more useful for a game of Over the Reich or Bag the Hun than Flames of War.

Can anyone give me a good reason why this should be in the OB for a miniatures army?


  1. No reason for using it on a tactical infantry game, but it is Flames of War and some people is going to buy it. Who cares? :)

  2. I just think it is funny that they added it to their line while there is still so much missing that gamers are will to buy. Just my 2 cents.