Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Type 89 Ready for Paint.

Well the Type 89 tanks are coming together easily. The only problem I had was with one of the commanders in the turret. He was too tall in the turret. I had to remove is neither regions.

Tomorrow I will be priming them and base coating the tanks along with two Isuzu 1.5-ton Trucks. These trucks, along with the Soviet GAZ, will be useful for conflicts in Africa and the Middle east in the post war era. This will speed organizing and painting the Peter Pig figures I have had on my list to paint for a while.

My only internal question is do I look to run 1939 battles or 1945. 

I promise the next post will involve the Arab Israeli Conflicts. 

Here are a few links to resources dealing with Japanese Armor and Tactics.


  1. Early War! Early war is awesome. Junk tanks can rule the game. Actually, I know next to nothing about the Pacific Theater and even less about Japanese armor so you may want to ignore me.

  2. I will not ignore you Chris. You game with those wonderful Italian tanks.