Friday, September 27, 2013

Looking for the Missing Link

I recently went on a hunt for a set of links I lost dealing with Arab and Israeli forces. I thought it was in French and dealt with models but my Google abilities appeared to be lacking. After a day and a half, ok I am stubborn, I found them. I was glad they were as good as I remember.

Here they are for you as well.




What amazes me is the junk both the West and the Soviets sold to these countries. Israel using versions of the Sherman into 1973 is hard to believe. Than again the Lebanese used theirs into the mid-1980s.

There is a good mix of color photography to help the modeler and gamer. Let me know what you think. Also what are your favorite sites for information from the Arab Israeli Wars?

Next up a strange aircraft just released that was used by Egypt in the Arab Israeli Wars. Once I get them painted. Oh bother.


  1. The Staghound-Crusader is just so awesome. I might need to make one.

  2. That is so cool. Only in the Middle East will you find these combinations.