Monday, September 9, 2013

On to Richmond

The hills and farms north of Richmond have seen the angry blue bellies marching through. Can you guess which side I am playing?

Tim and I have started another long and involved game in the GCACW series. This one is On to Richmond, the battle on the Peninsula Campaign.

The Union landed at Urbanna instead of Fortress Monroe forcing the CSA to redeploy their meager forces along the Mattaponi River. General Magruder has taken command on the Mattaponi ordering all of the ferries and bridges destroyed. 

Generals Johnston and Smith with their two divisions have taken up a position on the left of the Mattaponi Line looking for an opening against the Union forces while still covering the northern approaches to Richmond.

General DH Hill is sent to defend the Warwick Line and across the river at Gloucester Point. There is little activity on the Warwick Line but a division of Union infantry is marching south to take the fort located at Gloucester Point from the land side.

Both sides have a lot to be proud of. Magruder’s brigades along the Mattaponi River have destroyed most of the ferries destroyed. These same brigades are in position to cover any forced crossings while waiting on General Johnston. 

Union forces were able to get to the Mattaponi River in four days, in half the time allocated by my CSA forces. Unfortunately the rest of the Union forces, including General McClellan are not to arrive at Urbanna for three days. 

Looks to be a very good start for both sides.

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  1. As I have been looking over the battlefield I am surprised at how few Union troops there are. We are only starting the fourth turn, but it looks like the Union has a tough road to travel. Their divisions are huge but brittle. It will be interesting.