Thursday, April 7, 2011

We found our Driver

I am very happy, Cold Wars is past and I had two really good games. One of which I will be running again at Historicon in July.

But the main reason why I am very pleased with myself is that I have caught up on my painting. Everything I ordered or bought at Cold Wars is finished and table ready.  I even was able to catch up on some of the excess figures I had such as drivers (as reported in the header).

Not to worry, I still have plenty of miniatures to paint. I have the last of my Raviv Egyptians and sixteen Peter Pig Harden Militia Female Fighters. I plan on basing them on Gaddafi’s female guard, doing them in a dark blue. Great for Junta.


  1. But you keep saying you're not going to game the Libyan Conflict... I'm so confused. ;-)

  2. Stay confused. I am not doing the modern Libyan conflict, but I want them for my Junta force.