Friday, April 1, 2011

Egyptian Vehicles 1968 to 2011

The War of Attrition ended over forty years ago. The Crossing of the Canal occurred four years latter. It is surprising that much of the equipment still exists in the Egyptian inventory. While most is in reserve or storage I would think they have more value as scrap.

Some of the logistic goes back to the very early days of the Cold War. I am sure there are even a few UAZ-469s lying around there somewhere.

Here is a partial list of what I found.



TPP Tracked Pontoon Bridge
PMP Heavy Folding Pontoon Bridging Systems
TMM-3 Motorized Bridge Layer
KMM Motorized Bridge Layer

ZIL-157 6X6
ZIL-131 6X6

Any additions or comments are welcome.

"Now if we could only find the driver."
One of my
UAZ-469 from Peter Pig. Figures from QRF.


  1. They took their Soviet training seriously. The Soviets held on to darn near everything that "could" possibly be of service if the need arose. I suspect Egypt followed that model. They probably have stockpiles of small arms that they have not sold off to the public market as well.

  2. A friend of mine was involved in buying surplus aircraft from the Russians and he said you could find anything you wanted in their warehouses going back to the early Cold War.