Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is Finally Done

With the last of the olive (or were they lemon) trees my quiet village is now complete. We do have some concern about certain (bombed out) areas. We even have a flock of sheep coming into the older part of the village. As it has expanded, we look forward to the radio tower for our new station.

 The village on a 4 by 6 table. White boards was to experiment with a Photoshop effect.

 A view of the town and the market.

 An over view of the orchard.
The warehouse is in the center of the picture.

 My favorite part, the older section of the village.


  1. Very nice table. Should give for some fun games.

  2. That looks really really nice. You need to call me over for a game.

  3. Very nice table. You'll definitely rock the casbah with that terrain. I noticed the movie poll. One I idn't see listed was a German film from the late 1980s called Circle of Deceit. Do you know it?

  4. No Padre, but I will add it.