Sunday, February 6, 2011

TOOFATLardies - Scenario Competition

Every dedicated gamer also appears to be a rules designer want-to-be. I add myself to this as I have designed many scenarios, house rules, and stand alone rules with varying degrees of success. This has not kept me from continuing as I have many projects underway. Most of these will deal with the conflict in the Middle East.

I was very please to see this posting from Richard Clarke over at TOOFATLardies about a scenario competition that I hope many of you will take part. This is a nice little nudge to get gamers to put their ideas into print and share them with players across the world.

Good Luck

The TooFatLardies scenario competition is to run from now until the end of March at which point it will be judged by a panel of wargaming glitterati (i.e. not me!). My plan is to produce a free download from this that can provide some fun games for new and old Lardies alike. Any rule set can be covered (indeed in an ideal world I'd like to see ALL of our rule sets covered). I am very happy to announce that the prize for the best scenario will be a years subscription to Battlegames and anyone who gets their scenario published will get a mystery prize as well (it's a mystery because I haven't yet thought about what it will be, but suffice to say that I am not known for parsimony when it comes to prizes).

All submissions should be in the usual Lard format, as follows:

1. A paragraph or two of scene-setting background detail.

2. Briefings and forces for both sides
3. A map of the table (any format you like, I will redraw this for publication).
4. A set of umpires notes with info about the terrain, starting positions, victory conditions and anything else we need to know.

Ideally this will be in a Word document as I need to circulate the entries to the panel of judges.