Thursday, December 16, 2010

Operation Raviv

Back in the 1980s I picked up a copy of The Arab-Israeli Wars by Chaim Herzog. In the section on the War of Attrition are a map and a short write up on what is now known as Operation Raviv. While I had read the Born in Battle Magazine back than (before my newsstand stop carrying it, said no one wanted it) I was unaware of this raid to the far side of the Gulf of Suez. This was amazing for nine hours this company-sized unit using captured kit, was traveling down the coast of Egypt. While the IDF had air superiority it is hard to believe that the Israelis were able to do this.

So my project for 2011 is doing an operational campaign of the nine hours for this raid. As you can see I have the IDF forces ready. I am still debating if I need (want) a landing craft or three. Santa will be bring me the rest of the Egyptians after the new year.

Building the bases at Abu Darag and Ras Saafrana should not be difficult as they are radar site and not strengthened fortifications. Plus without any good photographs of the operation I am free to interpret the look and feel.

Keep watching for updates on this. The rules will be from the TOOFATLardies using Charlie Don’t Surf.


  1. The best operational level account of this that I have read was in Herman Wouk's "The Glory". His two book set "The Hope" and "The Glory" is well worth the read. I had them on audio book and it provides some nice, well researched background on the history of Israel.

    Wouk pointed out that the Israeli's were not fans of the captured equipment as it required short crews due to the cramped crew compartment.

  2. Thank you Chris,

    I look forward to getting these.


  3. Oh this looks very nice! I think the War of Attrition is infinitely gameable in 15mm.

  4. And very possible with the miniatures we already have. Isn't recycling wonderful.