Friday, December 24, 2010

For the Want of a Ship (LCT)

It seemed like an easy request. Who makes a 15mm or 1/100 scale Landing Craft Tank (LCT)? I did not need an Ashdod Class Landing Craft. An American LCT from World War II would even have worked.

For the landing I know I do not need the LCT (or three of them) but one would look good for the table. The other problem is information on them. I may have a couple of photographs from 1982. Since they are not missile boats not a lot is written about them. The Ashkelon Class LCT was built post war and could hold at least three tanks. It was available for use from the War of Attrition through Operation Peace for Galilee.

So for now the IDF will go without. I wonder how hard it is to build it from scratch?


  1. Maybe some of the landing craft from Gaming Models?


  2. SDD made the only one, and they're out of business. However, the plastic Lindberg is ostensibly 1/125 and is acceptable.