Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Santa

Yes I am getting a little old for a letter to Santa, but than again I have been a good boy and my friends at QRF (through Scale Creep), Old Glory 15s, Peter Pig and The TOOFATLardies would like to help out Santa’s Elves. So here goes.

  • A lot of 15mm T55s. Looking to finish building a company for my Egyptians (and maybe my Syrians). It is a useful tank as it was used by everybody in the Middle East.
    Two 15mm T62 to finish out a second platoon.
  • A ISU-152 to use on the canal. Boy it is big.
  • Buildings and terrain for the desert.
  • And a T-10M.

I know, one of these things is not like the others and you have every reason to ask why. The T-10M (Obyekt 730) was the last of the JS/IS heavy tanks. While the IS-3M was used by Egypt it was no T-10M. For starters the look was different. The T-10 was longer and had an extra road wheel.

So why my interest? Well it is a cool looking tank. A definite favorite and until the model of the Obyekt 279 is released in 15mm, it is one of the best tanks out there for “what ifs” and science fiction gaming. Plus think of the reaction when the Israelis run into one during the War of Attrition.

  Image from my newest favorite blog spot.


  1. The IS2/3 and the T-10 were the reason the US introduced the M103 and the British came up with the Conqueror. I wonder if the Israelis could have got their hands on them if they needed to?

  2. If the Egyptians had the T-10 and used it correctly I do not think Israel would have had time to receive them. Than again might be fun to have the Conqueror and the M103 on the battlefield.

    I am thinking the myth of the T10 may come from Viktor Suvorov.


  3. So Jim, do you have either of these tanks? :)

    I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing me both the T10M and an ISU-152 for my Egyptians.