Sunday, August 28, 2016

Roads to Antietam

While waiting on a few AeroNefs for Imperial Skies and some GUPPy submarines for my proto type rules I wanted to get something on the table. While looking around I decided on a board game from the 1990s that I had not played before. These are the first two games of the award winning GCACW system. But I wanted to put an Alt-History touch to them.

This campaign starts with General Robert E Lee and his forces getting ready to cross the Rapidan River and General John Pope looking to move back along his supply lines while waiting for the returning Army of the Potomac. This is the beginning of the campaign scenario in the first game that could lead to the Battle of 2nd Manassas. The twist is that I am using the two pages of notes, my own experience with GCACW campaigns and a whole lot of reference materials. This is part what-if, part game and part educational experience.

Victory is based on a sliding scale on what the Confederate forces are doing and the date since the start of the evacuation of Union force from the Peninsula. For the first two weeks the Confederates can treat the campaign as a raid with the objectives being destroying railroad stations and infrastructure as well as trying to isolate General Pope and destroy his forces before they can link up with the Army of the Potomac. For his part, General Pope needs to win, or at least not lose so he can stay in charge in the theater. The fun is what to do if he is still winning when General McClellan arrives. Will require a


  1. This looks like a fascinating little project. I recently acquired a copy of Roads to Gettysburg, which looks like great fun. Can't wait to try it. Adapting that system to Antietam and making the Union victory conditions specific on a general's agenda is a nice twist. Please do update us.

    1. I hope to be able to do comentary and a video of the maps and movement. RtoG is great fun, did a 10+ player game by email back in 96 I believe. Only the two refs knew what was happening.